Marg ERP9+ software for Jewellery


marg software for jewellery
marg software for jewellery

Marg ERP9+ Jewellery Software programs are launched a for retail and wholesale business or operations.

Inventory of clients is often maintained easily. Jeweller can verify the status for the shopper if she has done any modification or repair work simply because it helps with tracking the sale.

Marg ERP9+ jewellery Software is capable of doing maintaining different inventories for rare metal or stone; there is a option provided  through which jeweller can set different price rate for different customers, metals or stones which may be updated with the aid of single key while billing and thereby save time.

In Marg ERP9+ Software, all necessary features needed in jewellery business i.e. Bar-coding, Imaging, Return & Repair, Approval, Purchase & Planning’s, Tray Stocks, Finance, Crate- wise Stock Management, Karigar Account, Girvi, Kitty Maintenance and others are for sale to running the organization smoothly.

Manage jewellery stock in line with weight/set/layout wise. Control Karigar account, repairing and order inventory. Making charges, wastage, costing preserves, purity smart. Modernized Showroom Management.Barcode wise billing. Mortgage tracking facility available. Certification is available. Inventory is often maintained with images. Sales order management can be achieved in a thorough manner. Stock Tally can be achieved very quickly. Easy & speedy billing with Accuracy.

Effective purchase control to lower costing. Customer care & enterprise development.

Adjustment of antique Gold, enhance, metal and Replacement. Ornament pictures discounted invoice and stock entry. We could keep diamond/stone/making charges and wastage.  Barcode/item Code/object name wise search facility is available. Card/point technique is coded in many to get more customers. Different  kinds  of discounts & Schemes is often managed in Marg ERP9+. Flexibility in inventory for  Government employees. Multiple seires billing  & Wholesale Billing choice is inbulit Bills is often raised in excess of one customer simultaneously for a passing fancy PC at the identical time. Credit sales facility is look after the members within the same family. Online banking status and unmaintained stock shortage is often managed in Marg ERP9+ Software.


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Marg ERP9+ software  for Jewellery starts from Rs. 16200 /- only.